Los Gatos In Office Facelift Surgery

In Office Facelift Surgery Los Gatos, CA

In-Office-Facelift-Surgery-Los-Gatos-CA-young-woman-.jpegWe live in a society that views energy and youth as valuable, and those who want to enhance their appearance can contact a clinic for in office facelift surgery Los Gatos CA residents trust from Kirk A. Churukian, MD, FACS. When we interact with others, or do business, we may be focused on our appearance. When we are not completely happy with what we look like, it can prevent us from engaging with others in a deeper way since we are fueled by insecurity. People underestimate what the confidence of our physical self can do for our overall well being. Those who struggle with signs of age, sagging facial skin, or other issues may wonder if getting a facelift is right for them. 

There are many variations of what we call a facelift procedure, and all are designed to obtain certain aesthetic goals. What is right for you will be determined by your personal visions and suggestions made by your doctor. A facelift can help tighten and lift sagging skin, create a more youthful and invigorating facial appearance, eliminate frown lines and wrinkles, and tighten jowls along the jawline. We hope that if you are wondering whether a facelift could be right for you, you reach out to our Los Gatos in office facelift surgery team, today for consultation.

The facelift, otherwise referred to as a rhytidectomy, is a procedure that improves signs of aging in the neck and face. A facelift is considered to be one of the most comprehensive procedures that addresses the many signs of aging on the neck, jawline, and lower face. Despite the benefits, facelift may be judged as striving to achieve vanity, when in reality, it really just helps people feel better about themselves. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

As human beings, there is going to be a gradual decline in the quality of our skin.  Factors that can affect aging skin include exposure to sun, age, gravity, hereditary, smoking, stress, and more. A modern facelift surgery aims to amend the signs of aging that have been sustained over years by removing extra skin, tightening underline muscles and tissues, then redraping skin for a smoother appearance on the neck and face. If you find yourself worried about your physical appearance and may want to change it in some way, do not hesitate to reach out today for more information.

Many people incorrectly assume that facelifts are only for older women who are showing signs of aging, but men may desire this procedure as well. The most common age range for people who have had a facelift are usually those between the age of 50-65, but anyone with wrinkles and sagging skin may seek treatment. Whether you would be a good candidate for a facelift is based on several factors, including the condition of your skin, overall health, and lifestyle choices. To learn about the techniques that we use, you can decide whether a facelift or another treatment will be right for you. Contact our Los Gatos surgery in office facelift team from Kirk A. Churukian, MD, FACS today for a consultation. 


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