Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, fat transfer, autologous fat transplantation are terms that  refer to using your fat to refresh and restore areas of the body that have “deflated” as part of the aging process. Dr. Churukian performs this procedure in his Los Gatos surgery center and his San Jose office under local, sedation, or general anesthesia. 

Modern Facial Rejuvenation

Why fat grafting is a better way to help the aging face

As you age, your face loses volume and literally “deflates”. Dr. Churukian uses fat grafting to restore the natural fullness and restore a refreshed and more youthful appearance to the face.  Dr. Churukian performs the procedure in his Los Gatos surgery center both alone and as part of a facelift or mini-facelift

The “LOLIPOP” procedure

Fat transfer to small areas of the face in our San Jose office under local anesthesia may be a better option for some patients. The “LOLIPOP” (Local-anesthesia Office-based LIPOsuction/fat transfer Procedure) was developed by Dr. Churukian to offer small volume fat grafting for isolated areas such as the lips, cheeks, temporal hollows, or nose.

Natural Breast Augmentation 

Another option to enhance the breast is a natural breast augmentation using your fat cells. Dr. Churukian extracts the fat using a specialized liposuction technique that minimizes injury to the fat. The fat is then processed and reinjected into the breast to provide a smaller, but still significant enhancement for those who do not desire standard breast augmentation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The South American-inspired buttock enhancement is a popular option when removing large volumes of fat from the flanks and legs. Large amounts of fat are carefully extracted and processed to ensure the best outcome. Dr. Churukian fills and contours the buttock to balance your shape and improve your appearance. Dr. Churukian performs this procedure in his Los Gatos surgery center. 

Fat Grafting Procedure and Transplantation

How we do it

Dr. Churukian performs fat grafting to the face and body using a pressure-controlled liposuction harvesting system to preserve the health of the individual fat cells. The fat is then washed and spun in a commercial grade centrifuge to concentrate the healthy fat cells and remove impurities. In some cases, we combine the fat with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) obtained during the procedure. PRP is felt to improve the success of fat grafting in select patient populations.

Fat grafting and liposuction – the perfect marriage

In most instances, Dr. Churukian removes a substantial amount of excess fat as part of a body contouring procedure. Instead of discarding the fat, it is often used to enhance the face, breast, or buttock. We love to recycle!

Often, excess fat is stored in a fat cryopreservation facility that preserves the fat and the rich supply of stem cells that are within the fat for use months or years later. Dr. Churukian can then re-inject the fat as a separate procedure under local anesthesia either in his Los Gatos Surgery Center or his San Jose office.

What to expect after fat grafting surgery

Mild pain in the fat grafted areas for a day or less is expected following your surgery. Mild swelling and some bruising can occur in the fat grafted areas. Most bruising will resolve in 7-10 days. Results with fat grafting are best at 6-9 months following the integration of the fat into the local tissue.

As a bonus, there is the “stem cell effect” from fat grafting. The quality and texture of the skin may show improvement as a byproduct of the fat grafts. Remember, individual results may vary!

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