Breast Augmentation Surgery Los Gatos, CA

Breast Augmentation Surgery Los Gatos, CA


Breast augmentation Los Gatos, CABreast augmentation surgery Los Gatos, CA is one of the most popular procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. Also known as breast enhancement, this procedure will improve your breast shape and body proportions. Breast surgery will provide a slimming effect on your waist and hips, and give you the self-confidence to be your best!

Dr. Churukian performs your breast augmentation surgery under general anesthesia using only board-certified anesthesiologists at a fully certified Medicare-approved outpatient surgery center. Recovery is fast using a special “Rapid Recovery” system and you are functional starting right after surgery. You will be driving in 3-5 days and typically back to work within the week.

Choosing a type of implant is an important part of the presurgical preparation. For our Los Gatos Breast Augmentation patients, we recommend the cohesive gel or
“gummy bear” implant. This implant has a 20 year warranty covering multiple implant issues including capsular contracture. We offer several shapes of implants for every body type and shape for a truly custom fit. Implants are placed either above the chest muscles or in the submuscular position depending on the thickness of the covering tissues.

For patients who are in need of implant replacement, let us discuss your various options and how to improve both shape and size to better fit your current needs.

Surgery is one thing, but as they say, follow-through is everything! As part of your surgery package, Dr. Churukian will follow your progress closely over the course of the first year. After that, we recommend a yearly visit and examination to make sure that your breasts are healthy and happy!

Who is the best candidate for breast augmentation?

Typical patients range in age from 18-80 years old and are healthy or with medical problems that are well controlled. Breast implants can correct a small amount of sagging and deflation, but more severe sagging may require a breast lift. In addition, a clear understanding of risks and complications as explained by Dr. Churukian is required for all breast surgery candidates.

Why have breast enhancement surgery?

Sagging or deflated breasts after pregnancy is a common reason to seek breast augmentation. Implants also correct small or asymmetric breasts by providing better balance and symmetry. Improving your shape and appearance in and out of clothes with breast enhancement is a simple way to improve your self-confidence at home and in the workplace.

Did you know that breast augmentation surgery is now available in Los Gatos, CA with Dr. Kurt Churukian,  MD, FACS? That’s right, Dr. Churukain, known throughout the bay area for his expertise, now offers breast augmentation surgery in his office at 14830 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite 300 Los Gatos, CA 95032. 

What kind of breast augmentation surgery is offered?

 The kinds of breast augmentation surgery offered to both women and men includes:

Breast implants, ranging from cohesive silicone gel, also known as gummy bear implants, anatomic shape (teardrop) implants as well as high profile, low profile and moderate profile implants.

You’ll also want to inquire about the Ideal Implant. This is a new saline implant that feels more natural and softer than ever. With seven years of clinical efficacy studies, Dr. Churukain feels this implant gives patients who prefer a saline implant the best possible outcome.

Rapid Recovery System

More than ten years ago, Dr. Churukain began to develop his own Rapid Recovery System, to help his patients avoid the use of narcotic pain reduction and often return to normal activity within two – three hours following the surgical procedure.

Follow-ups are important

Dr. Churukain recognizes how important proper follow ups are to a successful breast augmentation surgery. His plan outlines checkups at intervals for a full year. Your checkups then are scheduled annually.

Implants don’t last forever

If your implant ruptures, become misshapen, or even becomes hard, generally after 10 years or longer, Breast Implant Revision may be your solution. The same is true is you develop capsular contracture which is when an abnormally hard scar forms around the implant. While not a medical threat, removal of the scar tissue and repositioning of the implant itself may be called for.

Breast reduction surgery

Not surprisingly, Dr. Churukain also offers breast reduction surgery. Reducing the size of your breasts may be a good option if you have extra large breasts that place a strain on your neck and shoulders. When this procedure is performed, your breast tissue is both reduced and reshaped.

Nipple and areolar reduction surgery

Nipples and areola (the dark portion around the nipple) are important parts of breasts and sometimes are too large or become inverted for one reason or another. Each of these situations can be corrected with surgery.

Causes range from minor birth defects to effects of some medications that affect glandular growth, mostly in men. Known as gynecomastia, Dr. Churukian can raconteur the chest wall, removing excess tissue and fatty tissue, and returning the nipple to a normal look. Recovery from this procedure is usually short.

Are you interested in getting more information about breast augmentation surgery in Los Gatos?

Please call or email us to discuss this surgery in more detail and to set up an appointment with Dr. Churukian to take the first step towards feeling better about your appearance!

More Than Just Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be thought of as only useful for aesthetics, but as our breast augmentation surgery Los Gatos, CA team knows, this kind of surgery does so much more than that. There are many health benefits of procedures like these that are not widely known by the public. Plastic surgery can help with issues like pain reduction, better breathing, weight loss, mental health, vision problems, and more. 

Pain Reduction

For those who are dealing with pain, there are several types of plastic surgery that can help with this. It can also reduce the reliance on pain medication to get through the day, so it can boost someone’s quality of life too. Breast reductions may be done for women who have substantial breast tissue and are dealing with neck pain, back pain, headaches, and perhaps even limb numbness too. By having breast reduction surgery performed by Kirk A. Churukian, MD, FACS, people can go about their daily life in less discomfort than before the procedure. 

Better Breathing

One of the most known plastic surgery procedures is called rhinoplasty. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, this surgery can help with other things as well. When the wall between both nasal passages, the septum, gets deviated or unaligned, this is called a deviated septum. Surgery is the only way to correct a deviated septum, which can help the patient clear up breathing difficulty symptoms. With a deviated septum, one nasal passage becomes smaller than the other, which can cause excessive dryness, pain, trouble breathing, and frequent sinus infections.

Weight Loss

As our Los Gatos breast augmentation surgery team can discuss, some plastic surgery procedures can assist people in losing weight. For example, breast and skin removal can help someone lose weight in those problem areas. Another procedure that can facilitate loss of weight is liposuction, which removes excess fat so patients can get leaner faster and for the long-term. Patients may find that they are motivated to lose weight after getting plastic surgery done, since they want to be in the best shape and health possible. 

Mental Health

Plastic surgery offers a way for people to feel better about themselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be proud of your appearance. In fact, plastic surgery can make people feel less depressed, less anxious in social settings, and generally happier overall. Enhancing one’s appearance can give a boost to self-confidence and allow someone to live their life that is more connective and authentic. Patients who are dealing with body issues that are affecting their mental health are gently encouraged to reach out to our office to talk further about options for you. 

Vision Problems

Someone who has sagging skin on their face may have issues with skin dropping within their vision line. Procedures such as blepharoplasty can reduce how much skin sags around the eyes. Not only will a person appear younger in appearance, but they will have much better sight too. Sagging skin may feel embarrassing to talk about, however, it’s even more important that you are able to see! So please do not feel shy reaching out to our Los Gatos surgery breast augmentation team if you’d like to learn more about how to correct facial sagging skin. 

Start with Dr. Churukain’s Free Consultation

Yes, Dr. Churukain offers you a free consultation about the breast surgery you’re considering. You may use the email form on his Contact page where you’ll also find phone numbers and an email address. 

If you live or work in the Los Gotos area, you’ll want to at least talk with Dr. Churukain about your breast augmentation surgery or other procedure.


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