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Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Tractor trailers are often on interstate, highways and rural areas and deliver various goods that people use on a daily basis. When these vehicles are involved in accidents, they are more likely to cause catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and amputation, because of their large size. If you have recently been hurt in one of these accidents, you may want to consult a tractor trailer accident lawyer about your legal options.

Here are the most common causes of tractor trailer accidents.


Truck drivers are often under immense pressure to deliver their goods in a short period of time. If they are running behind, they may be tempted to speed to meet their deadlines. Unfortunately, speeding is one of the most dangerous things truck drivers can do on the road. Driving above the speed limit can lower response time and cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles. The faster a tractor trailer is traveling, the more severe injuries it is likely to cause in an accident.

Improper Loading

Before heading out on the road, truck drivers have to carefully secure their loads so that they are evenly dispersed throughout the vehicle. If they fail to do this, there is a higher chance the cargo will fly off the trailer into the road and cause a major accident.

Drowsy Driving

Driving a commercial truck can be a very tiring job because it involves such long hours. Although federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from driving too many hours in a row, not all of them follow this rule. As mentioned before, truck drivers are under constant pressure by their employer to meet tight deadlines. 

Inadequate Training

Operating a commercial truck isn’t the same as driving a traditional vehicle. That is why it is important for truck drivers to undergo adequate training before getting behind the wheel. However, some trucking companies skimp on training to save on costs. As a result, some truck drivers are not truly ready to operate a commercial truck and have a higher chance of causing an accident.

Distracted Driving

Since truck drivers are on the road for long hours, they may get bored and distract themselves in various ways. They may send text messages, talk on the phone, daydream or eat. Unfortunately, these actions can divert their eyes and attention away from the road. Not paying attention to the road ahead for even a second can cause an accident. 

Poor Maintenance

Although trucking companies are required to maintain their vehicles, some companies may neglect regular maintenance to save money. Lack of maintenance, unfortunately, is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. For example, if faulty brakes are not repaired, it can make it difficult for a truck driver to stop.

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