Plastic Surgeon San Jose, CA

Plastic Surgeon San Jose, California

Plastic-Surgeon-San-Jose-California-woman-being-operated-onKirk A. Churukian offers plastic surgery services in San Jose, California. If you are interested in the procedures we offer, call our office at (408) 358-7000 to learn more about the services we provide. Our team can give you extensive information regarding treatment options and the requirements of the surgery. 

What Is The Price Range For A Plastic Surgery Procedure? 

Plastic surgery costs will vary based on the particular type of surgery performed. Our most popular procedures feature estimates that can help you understand how much a plastic surgery procedure may cost. Costs will also vary based on the type of medical insurance coverage you have and which procedures may be covered under your health insurance policy. 

If you receive a quote for a plastic surgery procedure this quote will include all evaluations, visitations, photographs, anesthesia, and surgical garments. 

How Many Office Visits Will I Have To Make Before Undergoing A Plastic Surgery Procedure? 

You will make an initial consultation and you will have to undergo one preoperative office visit. Preoperative photographs will be taken during this office visit. You do not have to make extensive office visits before undergoing your surgical procedure. 

How Many Follow-Up Visits Should I Plan To Make? 

Two follow-up appointments are required and these will occur once a week following your surgery and at three months after your surgery. If more appointments are needed then you can schedule these after the second of these office visits. 

How Long Will My Surgical Procedure Last? 

Each surgery is different and every patient is unique, but the majority of procedures will last from 1 to 7 hours. If you need additional time for recovery or preoperative procedures then these will be factored into your total operation time. 

How Often Will I Need To Change My Bandages? 

The bandages will be removed after forty-eight hours and you will be able to take a shower after removing these bandages. 

How Long Will Someone Need To Take Care Of Me Following My Surgical Procedure? 

Having someone with you for twenty-four hours after your procedure is absolutely necessary. You will still be recovering from anesthesia during the first twenty-four hours after the surgery. Someone should be at home with you during this twenty-four-hour period. Also, you will need assistance during the first six weeks of your recovery. You will not be able to perform everyday activities or lift anything weighing more than twenty pounds. 

When Will The Final Outcome Of My Surgical Procedure Be Visible To Me? 

3 months after your surgery you should see the final outcome of your surgical procedure. Also, six months after the surgery you should see the complete result of your surgical and your body should have healed considerably. 

How Long Will I Remain Physically Sore After The Surgery? 

How long you experience soreness after your surgery will depend on the type of surgery you chose. During the first three days, you will experience inflammation but this should decrease after the third day. Swelling and pain will gradually resolve as your body heals from the surgical procedure. 

To connect with our plastic surgeons in San Jose, California, please call Kirk A. Churukian, MD today. 

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